High-level architecture plans break down project silos

Architecture control is embedded in the planning phase of the project. Solution architecture designs are created in SAMU by reusing components and creating new ones. ERSTE Bank, 2014.

With SAMU, we have been able to realize an architecture planning method that was naturally followed by colleagues and thus became a corporate standard. Planning solutions directly over diagrams while building a repository is fantastic and it allows us to share knowledge, cooperate and govern.

Károly Ubrankovics

enterprise architect, Erste Bank Hungary

The Challenge

ERSTE runs a number of projects each year that deliver new systems or modify existing ones. Previously, these worked in silos and information sharing was limited. In the absence of common project architecture views, governance had been a challenge. Increased knowledge sharing, reusing existing components and strengthening coordination among projects became a priority.

The Solution

A united SAMU repository has been put in action to collect everything anyone knows about the architecture in a structured manner. Solution architecture plans are created in the same tool, showing the systems, interfaces, functions and services affected. Project planning happens in the same structure which provides a framework for scoping, evaluation and governance. SAMU also provides a dashboard for the management showing project statuses through application development cycles.

Agile yet structured solution architecture planning

Source of truth

Every piece of information about the architecture is collected and made available in a unified repository in the same structure.

EA Governance

Structured project architecture planning happens in SAMU. Initiatives get orchestrated and their impact assessed by using the tool.


Project dashboard for management

Project statuses are displayed clearly to decision makers through application development cycles.

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