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Single source of truth

An Enterprise Architecture (EA) tool can become a „source of truth” in an organization by serving as a centralized repository and comprehensive platform for managing and representing key information about the organization’s architecture, processes, and IT infrastructure. Here’s how SAMU can help:

1. Centralized Repository:
SAMU acts as a central repository for storing and managing critical information related to the organization’s architecture, including business processes, data, applications, and technology infrastructure, organizational concepts, governance, transformation initiatives.

2. Standardized Framework:
Through the use of standardized frameworks and methodologies, such as TOGAF or ArchiMate, or using SAMU’s best practice model, on will guarantee consistency and uniformity in representing and documenting various aspects of the enterprise.

3. Real-time Updates:
SAMU is a live data-driven repository and can provide real-time information, allowing stakeholders to access the latest and most accurate information about the organization’s architecture. It is live knowledge base

4. Integration Capabilities:
SAMU integrates with other tools and systems within the organization, such as CMDBs, project management, IT service management, BPM tools, ensuring accurate and up to date data in the repository.

5. Visualization and Reporting:
SAMU’s visualization capabilities and reporting features, allow stakeholders to easily comprehend complex architectural information through diagrams, charts, and reports. As it is a live database the visualizations and reports will automatically change if the underlying data is modified.

6. Traceability and Impact Analysis:
SAMU enables traceability of changes, dependencies, and relationships between different components, facilitating impact analysis for proposed changes and supporting decision-making processes.

7. Comprehensive Documentation:
SAMU can store a comprehensive documentation of business processes, IT systems, data structures, and other architectural elements, providing a holistic view of the organization’s landscape.

8. Collaboration and Communication:
Supports collaboration among different teams and stakeholders by providing a platform for discussions, comments, and feedback on architectural artifacts.

9. Governance and Compliance:
SAMU can support governance and compliance requirements by ensuring that architectural decisions align with organizational objectives, standards, and regulatory requirements.

10. Audit Trail:
Maintains an audit trail of changes and activities, enhancing transparency and accountability in managing the enterprise architecture. No data is deleted and all changes and transactions to the data are logged. With the time machine functionality historical views of the data can be seen. This can be especially useful for audits.

Through these features, SAMU will becomes a trusted and reliable source of truth and knowledge base, fostering better decision-making, enhancing communication, and promoting alignment between business and IT within the organization.

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Why us?


We offer a Free SAMU Trial and/or a Free Proof of Concept (We set up the trial using customer data)


SAMU is extremely flexible, the meta-model is fully flexible, custom reports can be created, sophisticated user permission rights


Our Best Practice Model based on 20+ years of experience in delivering successful EA projects


SAMU has been developed using a bottom-up approach. Product development is based on real-life customer needs.


Customer satisfaction and our approach.  Each customer is unique.  We strive to bring real value and to have a successful EA practice.


Powerful visualizations: Our visualizations are all data-driven generated from the live repository with multiple lifecycle views available.


Integration capabilities: Sophisticated API to automate data upload and maintain quality in the repository.

Don't take our word for it!

Atoll Technologies Ltd. EA tool SAMU is a leader in Info-Tech Research Group /SoftwareReview 2024 Enterprise Architecture Data Quadrant Report.

„Atoll Technologies the dominant vendor for EA tools in the Middle East. It also has regional strength in Central and Eastern Europe, and can provide strong support to these otherwise underserved markets."

Atoll Technologies Ltd. EA tool SAMU is included in the Forrester Now Tech: Enterprise Architecture Management Suites, Q2 2022.

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