Ever heard this conversation before?

A: What’s running on this server?
B: We are not certain.
A: Do you know, who does it belong to?
B: Yes, a guy from the BI team requested it 4 years ago.
A: Ask him.
B: He left last year.
A: Alright, shut it down and we’ll restart it if someone complains.
B: I’m not sure that we can start it again if we need to…
A: Anyway, shouldn’t be too important, let’s do it…


Knowledge is power and when you have a “live” knowledge base about the enterprise architecture, you can perform impact analysis for upcoming changes quickly.

In this webinar, we will untangle the architecture dependency network and do impact reports on various architecture components. Picking a server we will shoot up to the affected business processes. We will also grab a business service and see all the different IT components it depends on.


Everyone, who is tired of the stressful situations like this and wants to know the risks of changes in advance.


13 October (Friday), 10AM EST   (7AM PT  /  9AM CT  /  4PM CET)

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