Atoll Technologies Plc. participated on the Info-Tech Live 2023 conference held at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas as a sponsor with our EA tool SAMU. Our director of our US Operations Oliver Kocs attended on behalf of Atoll. In the 3-day event we sponsored the second night’s reception where we had a special AI generated cocktail called the SAMU Slinger. The fluorescent blue drink turned out to be a huge success. 

In terms of the event, there were over 1500 participants and 32 vendors including Atoll present. The main topic was Exponential IT with a focus on today’s hot topic of AI and how its impact will affect IT and business going forward.  Many of the keynote speakers including some very well-known experts on AI and futurists presented their views on AI. These ranged from positive positions stating that AI will allow humanity to help find cures to diseases and bring about social equality, to counter-arguments where AI will perhaps lead to the demise of all of us, mostly due to the fact that we do not fully understand it.

The reason Atoll decided to sponsor the event was that EA was one of the primary topics of the conference.  As IT continues to grow exponentially EA is an ever more important aspect to help manage and solve the challenges businesses are faced with.  Having a successful EA practice can help mitigate the risks caused by technology, security and AI, by allowing organization better identify those.  SAMU, our EA tool can help your organization in meeting those challenges.  All in all it was an excellent choice to participate on the Info-Tech Live 2023 and we look forward to attending their future events.