Simplifying complex issues drives us

How it started

Our parent company, Atoll Technologies, has traditionally excelled in creating custom software solutions for mid-size and large enterprises. SAMU also started as a custom application for a bank, which had acquired another bank and the two were in the process of merging. A tool was needed to help map out the IT landscape, identify the vast network of business and IT dependencies, determine the data flows and model the transition project roadmap.

We decided to develop the application by following two principles: data-driven visual tool with a completely flexible meta-model. Principles, we still adhere to today.

Agile EA – How do we know

SAMU has been shaped through our experiences of modeling architecture for various industries. We are thrilled to model complex logical and physical environments especially for new industries, engage with new people and corporate cultures and use the flexibility of our SAMU tool to deliver matching EA solutions. Everything that we learn on our engagements, gets embedded into SAMU in one way or another. Thus, all of our clients can benefit from these experiences out-of-the-box.

In addition, we like to face new challenges and technologies, while also understanding the emerging business demands in the broad digital transformation space. Therefore, every one of us in the SAMU team gets the chance to participate in Atoll’s digital transformation projects. These experiences greatly influence SAMU’s future roadmap.

Spice: Some of our top developers had worked on software during the day but brewed beer at night as a hobby. They made it with the same professionalism and self-driven attitude as they coded and their golden liquid has won numerous international awards.

Today, Rothbeer is among the top craft breweries in Europe with trophies from Belgium, the USA and Germany. We are probably the only EA software vendor drinking its own beer.