Following the closure of the financial transaction in September, the intensive integration work has started. This US$130 billion merge effects organizational borders, business models, data processing, application systems and infrastructure. Gene Shoykhet, enterprise architect at DuPont Pioneer R&D, is sharing insights to how they have increased IT’s ability to react to business needs in such an ever changing environment.
Building Business Capability conference: 9 November, 3:20pm EDT, Orlando, FL

One of the largest mergers in history is underway as DuPont and DOW Chemicals unite and reshaped into 3 independent companies.

The delivery of such an ambitious plan within a reasonable timeframe requires great agility by all teams. In fact, the longer the integration work stretches, the more it could jeopardize the success of the entire merger.

Therefore, having an online up-to-date knowledge base about the architectures mapped out in a single meta-model is more or less obligatory. It enables the integration teams to come up with realistic work packages and timelines. It also gives them the possibility to analyze and mitigate the risks embedded in the hidden dependencies, at an early stage.

Gene Shoykhet, lead enterprise architect at DuPont Pioneer R&D, will share how they have increased IT’s speed to delivering solutions for new and enhanced business capabilities. Additionally, how this helps to deliver and monitor the integration work of these multi-billion dollar organizations.

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