Agility through transparency: continuous visibility of dependencies in a fast changing environment

Established a continuously accurate enterprise architecture repository of DuPont Pioneer‘s systems and data flows. Achieved full visibility without getting caught up in the formality of the process, 2017.
We waited too long to start on a concerted effort to create an enterprise model of our systems and dependencies. Playing catchup takes extra effort and discipline. Having this tool earlier on would have saved us plenty in just the time it takes to property scope the impact of any architectural change to a particular system.
Gene Shoykhet

enterprise architect, DuPont Pioneer

Gene Shoykhet, enterprise architect from DuPont Pioneer R&D gave a speech about how they increased IT’s agility to deliver business demands, including the integration of the merging companies. Recorded at the Building Business Capability conference in Orlando, Thursday, November 9, 2017.

The Challenge

Due to the fast developments in applied industrial technology, IT and biotechnology, DuPont Pioneer, the world’s leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics and seeds, found itself with a need to manage data and rapid changes in a large and complex environment.

IT’s agility to respond to business demands were at stake.

The Solution

Plans improve areas such as SOA, repositories and data warehouse were missing a map of the how to get there. An end-to-end model of systems and data flows was created and associated to business processes and technologies. The ingestion process involved interviews with field architects, application owners and data architects.

In order to maintain visibility and transparency in such a rapidly changing environment, the usage of this information in the solution development and change management processes were given an emphasis. High-level solution designing and impact analysis happen now in the shared EA tool.

This may make all the difference as the ability to execute organizational transformation becomes a competitive advantage over time.

Agile yet structured architecture planning


Smooth implementation in 3 weeks

Three weeks onsite allowed for visibility of the architecture, identification of new requirements and selling the shared modelling capabilities in the tool to the users.


Ease of use

SAMU’s ease-of-use has enabled teams at DuPont Pioneer to start quickly and begin gaining insights from the tool immediately.

Create Source of Truth

Before SAMU every team treated data individually leading to duplication and naming conflicts but now they benefit from documentation and understanding interdependency.


Support M&A

SAMU serves as the architecture integration planning and governance platform in the DowDuPont merger. Read more here.

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