Complete EA repository instantly

A complete SAMU EA repository was implemented in hours based on our ready-made best practice configuration package. Architects could start using it instantly. Modifications were applied where needed. Provident, 2015.
We are using SAMU Repository to manage and evaluate our architecture since 2014. It provides us a flexible inventory with great visualization and analysis capabilities, which is essential for us to be able to oversee the complex network of architectural components in our company.
Dániel Szabó

senior regional develoment leader, Provident

The Challenge

Provident is a financial institution providing short term personal loans. Systems are heavily connected. For increased operational efficiency and better project planning, a clear understanding of architecture must be obtained and maintained. Along with the software Provident needed a ready-made down-to-earth meta-model they could start to use immediately while being able to and modify it on-demand.

The Solution

SAMU was set in action together with our best practice configuration pack virtually instantly. Architects surveyed the architecture and registered the data directly in the system, which then generated architecture diagrams of the different components and dependencies. On such graphs, any inconsistencies become immediately visible, which contributes to data quality to a great extent.

Mitigate risk, faster time to market

Lightspeed implementation

Provident adopted our best practice configuration with complete meta-model, report definitions and settings, tailored to their needs.

Ease of use

Data survey was made by registering components and relationships directly over diagrams with their owners. Even users with little knowledge about the system can handle it easily.

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