Service Catalog and Application Portfolio in one

Full-blown Service Library for Customer- and Resource Facing Services as well as enabling resources

Service Library is at its best when it includes all service specifications and underlying logical and physical resources. New services are created by reusing parts of existing ones. Magyar Telekom, 2015.
Elevating post-project offline service documentation to structured service architecture planning is the greatest value to us. The details of service architectures are shared to everyone on an informative manner. Graphical overviews of complex services or Excel lists of components touched by a project, document generation – all from the same trusted source.
Tamás Nacsák

chief service architect, Magyar Telekom

Having a central and trusted source of service related information is the only way to establish a 360° view of corporate services.
János Nederman

service development senior manager, Magyar Telekom

The Challenge

In one of the fastest developing industries, the traditional concept of “product” has become obsolete. Today’s products are rather integrated and creative sets of services, which are created at the speed of light. Magyar Telekom assembles these from existing as well as new customer and resource facing encapsulated services. The company needed a service library to consciously manage this hierarchy and to develop new solutions that are built from these units.

The Solution

The SAMU tool has provided a flexible yet structured repository of all existing and planned services. Services are further broken down into logical and physical resources. New business demands are satisfied and products created by combining these services. The service library is open to colleagues, and also serves as a communications directory of available resources within the company.

UPDATE: SAMU has been integrated with Magyar Telekom’s HP Service Manager application in order to supply a unified service information platform for IT operations. From now on operations people can also visualize service trees with a click of a button. Read more.

Customer & Resource Facing Service Specifications

Service Architecture Designs

Collaborating departments

True SOA, faster product delivery

Common enterprise service library

Services are catalogued, classified and are handled within their enterprise architectural context. This knowledge base is shared and built upon by the entire company.

Recycled services

Service orientation is not a dream anymore – new products are brought to market a lot faster by creating IT solutions from available services.

Increased cooperation

Planning happens jointly and immediately in a structured manner – the scope and purpose of developments becomes clear to everyone.

The open service library is breaking traditional barriers by including missing or unstructured information and offering a true service-focused operation with an E2E view. Integrated logical network designing, building a complete application catalogue (aka logical resources catalogue covering internal IT services as well) and integration to the enterprise product catalogue are made feasible. It also makes responsibilities nice and clean, thus opening even more opportunities, such as software license management and a catalogue-based controlled change management process.

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