SAMU unites architecture information from all possible sources: humans and systems.

Using the right tools for the right purposes is fundamental for efficiency. Therefore, companies need best-of-breed tools for process modelling, virtualization and monitoring.

If the data is trusted, it can be a great source for an end-to-end enterprise architecture view. SAMU unites information that is important from an EA perspective into a common meta-model.

Typical systems our clients use SAMU with include:

  • BPM tools, such as Signavio or Camunda
  • CMDBs, like HP Service Manager, CA, BMC
  • Service management tools, including IBM Tivoli, HP Netview, ServiceNow
  • Virtualization engines, eg. VMware vCenter, Hyper-V

SAMU has been designed to collaborate with other tools

Intelligent data synchronization module for bi-directional data exchange
Web Services to expose functionality to external apps
Excel wizard and XML import / export
Frontend referencing to external URLs, eg. BPMN diagram defined in a BPM tool


Lessons learned

Everything is possible technically, but
integrations have to make business sense.

Integrations must be analysed and implemented
in alignment with the governance processes.

Automation do not substitute human brainwork.
The most valuable information generally are in people’s mind.

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