Reliable impact analysis and fast incident management

... are great side-effects of a live EA knowledge base

SAMU is the platform to deliver change in the company. Its content is in the enterprise architecture graph demonstrating the dependencies among the components and how the various projects change them.

SAMU helps me and my team analyze exactly how a change of an IT technical component (eg. IT network, firewall or server) impacts applications and services. Application and service owners are now given a dedicated visual impact chain to assess the preparatory and follow-up actions required.

Nándor Bekk

change and configuration manager, Magyar Telekom

IT operation teams can benefit from SAMU in a number of ways

  • Have early insight into all solution delivery projects, so you can prepare better and influence it
  • Receive an online, searchable and up-to-date knowledge base about the developed solutions instead of static project documentation
  • Perform instant and visual change impact analysis before applying modifications
  • Identify the root cause of problems quickly during incidents
  • Find out who the stakeholders are that you need to notify before changes

Impact analysis diagram generated on a cloud-based virtual machine.

Integrated to the ITIL processes and tools

With its APIs, SAMU can be integrated to service management tools so that the IT operations team can benefit from EA information and SAMU’s architecture graph visualization functionality. On the other hand, trusted feeds governed by the ITIL processes can update SAMU automatically.

The integration may be just referencing on the frontend or exchange data in any direction. For more information click here…

Discovery tools

Online and scheduled data updates from discovery and monitoring tools

Service management tools

Embed SAMU’s impact analysis capabilities in the change and incident management tools or build ITIL processes based on the service hierarchy from SAMU

Virtualization and cloud management tools

Get the dynamic environments automatically updated in SAMU

APIs for integration

web services, data synchronization tools, direct URLs to reports, XML/XLS bulk load

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