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Support Digital Transformation in Oman

Government-wide EA repository with local elements mapped to a reference model, used to support the government’s eTransformation initiatives. Information Technology Authority of Oman, 2012.

Omar Salim Al Shanfari deputy CEO, Information Technology Authority of Oman

„We have found the SAMU tool absolutely brilliant. With its flexibility, we have defined and captured both broad and detailed information on the various whole-of-government artifacts. The simple GUI interface is effective in performing logical analyses and designing possible to-be architectures.”

The Challenge

ITA works with over 70 government agencies to deliver meaningful eServices to citizens, businesses and one another. Every agency contributes to the achievement of this goal by implementing their own eTransformation Plans. Diversity across agencies in terms of architecture and standards makes the governance of plans particularly challenging.

The Solution

A common central SAMU repository has been created for architecture elements, which includes government reference models as well. The impact of eTransformation Plans can also be registered to show how the government-wide landscape changes. Management is provided with dashboards.

Government-wide governance

Central architecture repository

Single database of main architecture elements across Ministries according to a government-wide meta-model.

Opportunities identified

SAMU helps to discover overlaps and opportunities for harmonization.

Government dashboards

Aggregated view available to the management on dashboards.

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Why us?


We offer a Free SAMU Trial and/or a Free Proof of Concept (We set up the trial using customer data)


SAMU is extremely flexible, the meta-model is fully flexible, custom reports can be created, sophisticated user permission rights


Our Best Practice Model based on 20+ years of experience in delivering successful EA projects


SAMU has been developed using a bottom-up approach. Product development is based on real-life customer needs.


Customer satisfaction and our approach.  Each customer is unique.  We strive to bring real value and to have a successful EA practice.


Powerful visualizations: Our visualizations are all data-driven generated from the live repository with multiple lifecycle views available.


Integration capabilities: Sophisticated API to automate data upload and maintain quality in the repository.

Don't take our word for it!

Atoll Technologies Ltd. EA tool SAMU is a leader in Info-Tech Research Group /SoftwareReview 2024 Enterprise Architecture Data Quadrant Report.

„Atoll Technologies the dominant vendor for EA tools in the Middle East. It also has regional strength in Central and Eastern Europe, and can provide strong support to these otherwise underserved markets."

Atoll Technologies Ltd. EA tool SAMU is included in the Forrester Now Tech: Enterprise Architecture Management Suites, Q2 2022.

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