Atoll Technologeis  Ltd. (developer of SAMU) participated in the planting of sixteen trees in the yard of the Homoktövis Nursery in Budapest. In just a few hours, the employees of the company, together with the team of the 10 Million Trees (10 Millió Fa) NGO, contributed to the creation of a more livable and friendly nursery courtyard on 14 May.

Since 2019, the 10 Million Trees NGO has been operating in an ever-increasing number of places, small towns, villages, county seats, and districts of the capital. The planting work is assisted by a central team of experts consisting of foresters, gardeners, ecologists, and often with the involvement of the local population of the community. This was also the case during the spring time work done in the courtyard of the Homoktövis Nursery. Many residents of Káposztásmegyer gave their time and energy and contributed to the creation of a more livable environment along with the volunteers from Atoll.

As an IT company, we strive to play our part in the fight for the environmental sustainability. In addition to day-to-day support activities, we organized a company community day every year where our employees can volunteer their time and efforts to a dedicated environmental task. Despite the pandemic, it was a pleasure to see that most of our staff was willing to participate in the tree planting activity. We hope that the trees we planted will adorn the yard of the institution for a long time. ” – said Imre Juhász, the Managing Director of Atoll Technologies Ltd.