Not everyday benefits every single day

SAMU provides a unique mix of flexibility and user-friendliness.
As a result, it is loved not only by IT but by all participants involved in the transformation activities.

Create a live knowledge base for the architecture graph

Analyse any segment from both an IT and business perspective

Plan changes, big and small

Manage and communicate the transformation continuously

Quick to start with, easy to scale

SAMU comes with our best practice model, so you can start right away.

Of course, we know that your needs are unique, therefore we developed SAMU by having the greatest flexibility as a primary attribute in mind. Feel free to change the meta-model, reports or any other settings simply over the same web-GUI.

Live and shared knowledge base

Information in SAMU can be valuable to many people in your company, in supporting their activities – so why not share it and get more stakeholders? The more it is used, the better the quality of the data becomes. When information is shared, projects can build on a common knowledge base, which should result in faster decision making.

Additionally, you will be able to identify risks sooner, control costs and eventually create a more agile enterprise.

Intuitive, fun to use

Architecture cannot get more visual than this! SAMU lets you see the invisible dependencies that are threats to transformation initiatives.

What’s more, modelling is a fun-filled drag-and-drop exercise – you will be surprised at how quickly you’ll get the information you need to make the right decisions.

Integrates to processes and tools

Information in SAMU is diverse: from business architecture components to applications, information entities, organization and technology and their dependencies. Many may come from other tools, such as BPM suites, operational management and monitoring tools or inventories.

SAMU can exchange data with all of them continuously in order to provide the most up-to-date architecture landscape for everyone.

Manages architecture transformation from planning to operation

SAMU is designed to support vertical and horizontal teams to deliver transformation success. It gives a collaborative platform to identify, plan and orchestrate the concurrent architecture changes.

Amazing functions through an intuitive UI for everyone

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