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Taming the IoT Wild Wild West with Enterprise Architecture

Guest post by Charles Araujo, Principal Analyst, Intellyx Just as was the case with the settling of the American West, today's technology settlers are flocking 'West' to new territory in search of new fortunes and futures. This new territory, the Internet of Things...

A little help for the little ones

A few weeks after Irma hit Florida, the BBC conference was on full swing in Orlando. Instead of taking our technical equipment back home, we decided to offer it up as charity to those in need.

Why Enterprise Architecture is Even More Relevant in a Hybrid IT World

Organizations increasingly move toward a workflow-centric architectural perspective in which the deployment platform becomes both more transparent and more dynamic. To survive in this ever-more-complex world, enterprises must re-embrace enterprise architecture (EA) to make sense of it all.

Enterprise Architects: Critical Resource for GDPR Compliance

EAs can support the DPOs they work with by providing insights into all processes, applications, and data that are relevant to GDPR compliance. Furthermore, they can offer information on data objects, data flows, and associated responsibilities.

Meet SAMU at the BBC in Orlando

Atoll will participate the BBC conference for the second time in Orlando, November 6-10, 2017. Looking forward to meet meeting you there.

Agile business needs Agile IT

Agile businesses need agile IT. Together they transform the enterprise into something smarter, more dynamic, and better focused on customer needs and desires.